Saturday 9 October 2021

Teaching at Minus 50 - Part One

Teaching at Minus 50 - Part One

Ok, I think it is about time to bring all our family and friends up to speed regarding the travel of our family to the Far North.

We flew from Toronto to Montreal on our first leg after exhausting the loving and generosity of Terri and Richard over nearly a month. We didn't actually know that our employer was going to fly us to Montreal so that was a bit of a pleasant surprise.

Note for the future: PET in Montreal/Dorval is nothing compared to Pearson in terms of convenience and ease of travel within the building - PET needs a serious upgrade, way too many bottlenecks.

After a reasonable overnight stay at the Comfort Inn Aeroport (of which there are actually two, identically named - we got lucky on the one we chose) it was back to the airport and to get on our Air Inuit flight. And paperwork, and paperwork, and paperwork - lots to do to just get on the actual plane. Then their new system failed and... well we didn't have to pay for our excess luggage, so that was an unexpected bonus.

The jet was a 737 - 50% passenger, 50% cargo, a first for me. A first for Hunter and Thy was having to enter the plane from the outside, up a flight of stairs - the shape of things to come. Note: the staff of Air Inuit was very helpful, ensuring we all go on board as safely as possible.

The flight from Montreal to Puvirnituq was reasonably uneventful, except it was lacking food distribution (due to COVID); that leftover chicken in the hotel room was lookin' mighty savoury right about now.

Once we got to Puvirnituq we had time to chat and share with new colleagues - that was very welcome, to shake a hand and make that first contact. We also met some teachers who didn't make it out the previous day, due to weather issues; there were a lot of stories of what that was like, enough so that I was praying we could leave that day.

And we did, on a venerable DASH 8 - all propellers and noise and cramped seating. First stop was Akulivik, then a quick up and down to Ivujivik. Again the Air Inuit folks were great and Hunter relaxed enough to sleep part of the way.

Finally Salluit; 60 km winds, about a 200 meter walk from our plane to a waiting flotilla of pickups and a school bus. Dumped all our luggage in one pickup and hopped on the bus. Quick trip through the village and we were home. At least there was no jet lag to contend with this time. =)

Now the adventure begins, again.

More as it develops...

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